Crack your screen; let the light in.
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Commonly asked questions.

Q: What is Smashomancy?

A: Smashomancy is a new divination technique for reading meaning into the lines and cracks on smartphones and other personal devices. It's still being researched.

Q: Can I give someone else a reading?

A: Yes! Field research improves the system. You too could be a Smashomancy practitioner. Please carry around the guidebook on trains and at parties in case someone would like the gift of a reading.

Q: What if I use a screen protector?

A: In our research we found that screen protectors are also subject to damage and scratches, though they're often they're less visible. You may have to use a monocle.

Q: Where do I get my screen repaired?

A: At MobileFix at 1099 Irving St. in San Francisco! They kindly let us do field research on the sidewalk outside their repair shop. And they're really good at fixing screens. If you're in another city, let us know the shops open to mysticism and we'll list them!

Q: Will replacing my screen void my reading?

A: Fixing your screen won't alter the knowledge you're given, but it opens up your life to new archetypes. Every new fracture unlocks a new facet of yourself.

Q: Wow. Is the art of Smashomancy real?

A: Is a poem real?

Q: Will this work on a tablet or a screen that isn't a phone?

A: Yes! The system can be stretched to fit any glass rectangle. To correctly orient the regions, please make sure the camera is always at the top.

Q: How do I get the physical guidebook?

A: Sign up for the waitlist here. We're printing a new run in October 2022.

If you have more questions you can try tweeting at @smashomancy.

The Smashomancy System

Smashomancy is a system for reading the meaning written in the lines and ripples of a cracked screen.A region is Cracked if a collection of lines and scratches falls within it. If it's clear of damage, the region is Clear. A cracked region signifies an imbalance. The combination of influences reveals one of 128 archetypes for guidance. We have a new guidebook with an explanation of each archetype.

Human life is full of signs and omens.

Through history we have cast about at our surroundings for ways to read and interpret them, from the scattered entrails of a slaughtered calf, to the lines and wrinkles of an open palm, to the portentous red bubble of a smartphone app icon badge. These signs give shape to the arrows of fortune that besiege us and they guide us through the narrow straits in our lives.

People look especially for guidance in times of uncertainty and upheaval. Inevitably, they find them where they look. Following this simple chain of reasoning leads to a profound idea. Where is the modern eye so regularly drawn? To the gleaming oblong portals that live in our pockets or our purses: smartphones.

We must understand the phone.

A smartphone screen is, of course, a veritable semantic orchard of icons and affordances, titles and statuses and means of navigation. But to find true insight we must look beyond the legible to more uncertain and chaotic territory. True, a smartphone in its role as a nexus of communication is an endless stream of signal and noise, but that is extrinsic to its embodied self. To truly understand its meaning, we must understand its physical nature.

Introducing a new kind of scrying.

A common experience in the life of a smartphone owner is the sudden tumult of a dropped device. It is a moment on a knife’s edge. Our lungs halt. Our hearts stop. What, we worry, will happen to the screen? We have a whole vocabulary for it. Maybe it’s clear or intact, but more likely it has become nicked, cracked, scratched. Smashed. The conjunction of screen and surface is where we’ll find that physical understanding.We're excited to introduce the new science of Smashomancy.

Understanding the Archetypes

In addition to providing indications of active influences, the clear or cracked status of each of the seven regions can be combined to indicate a specific archetype within the Smashomancy system. Each archetype has a name and advice specific to that archetype that a scholar of Smashomancy can use to find additional guidance.Our writings illuminates all 128 archetypes and their usage. The development of these archetypes and their corresponding advice is the fruit of years of labor. It is with both honor and trepidation that we present this newfound wisdom. Use it wisely.

The regions explained.

Cracks in screen regions show energetic imbalances. Due to the particular combination of cracks—an imbalance can either be an excess or lack of that energy. Sometimes this can be an asset! Other times, it calls for a change.

Mount of the Moon (AIR)

The Mount of the Moon represents the mysteries that intrigue us, our inner selves, and our secrets. It has middle of the night energy.Damage in this mount reveals we're leaning hard into our secretive, imaginative selves.

Mount of the Sun (AIR)

The Mount of the Sun represents our public self, our guiding light, and things that are visible: actions and relationships.Damage in this mount can reveal an excess of 'being public' or a call to step into the light to guide others.

Sphere of Intention (WATER)

The Sphere of Intention represents our alignment, desires, motivation, and ethics. It's our internal compass.Damage in this sphere shows ethical misalignment with our actions.

The Heart

The Heart is our spirit and intuition. It's a combination of our Water, Earth, Air, and Fire energies.Damage in The Heart calls upon you to pay attention to your feelings and inner voice.

Sphere of Consequence (EARTH)

The Sphere of Consequence represents the aftermath and results what we put into the world. It directly affects other people and situations.Damage in this sphere shows a lack of forethought about the rippling effects of our actions.

Mount of Fantasy (FIRE)

The Mount of Fantasy represents our dreams, feelings, imagination, and nostalgia. It's an emotional place.Damage in this mount reveals a disconnect from our dreams, or excessive escapism.

Mount of Shock (FIRE)

The Mount of Shock represents surprise, awe, and external forces. It's about facing unexpected things life throws your way.Damage in this mount reveals a more fragile, sensitive time.

Questions? Read our FAQ.

Thanks for coming to our field test!

We did 50+ divinations for cracked screens in San Francisco at MobileFix at 1099 Irving St. And ran out of physical guidebooks.Our virtual readings are coming soon. Follow @smashomancy on Twitter for updates.

Wait, my phone has no cracks.

Take a moment to reflect.

The surface of your screen runs deep. Let your eyes adjust to the pattern of light and dark on your screens surface. Pay attention to the scratches, ripples, lines, and imperfections.Can you recall how you were feeling the moment your screen cracked? How are you feeling right now?Continue whenever you're ready.

Wait, my phone has no cracks.

Let's uncover your archetype.

The Smashomancy System divides a screen into regions. A region is Cracked if a collection of lines and scratches falls within it. If it's clear of damage, the region is Clear. A cracked region signifies an imbalance. The combination of influences reveals one of 128 archetypes for guidance.

We're still field testing.

Your screen serves to illuminate the self. Join us at 1099 Irving St. in San Francisco on 8/23 between 4:30-6:30pm and bring your smashed phone to test our system.Virtual readings are coming soon. Follow @smashomancy on Twitter for updates.

Wait, my phone has no cracks.

Your screen serves to illuminate the self.

Archetypes in the Smashomancy system were discovered as a method to expand your sense of self at this moment in time. They may help with a decision you're currently making or a provide a new framework for looking at things.

Here's some example archetypes

Wait, my phone has no cracks.

Use your camera detect your unique pattern.

If you don't have a physical Smashomancy guidebook, you can use your desktop or phone's camera to determine which regions of your phone are affected.If you're using your phone, you'll use a mirror. If you're using your desktop, you'll hold up your phone to it.

Common methods to smash your screen.

Drop from above

Bonus if it's on a hard surface, like a cement floor.

Throw at wall

Sometimes you've seen enough. Toss it.

Hit with sharp tool

A hammer works great.

Let time decide

Cracks appear when you're ready to receive them.

You can still proceed without a smashed screen.